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WIFAG//POLYTYPE Coating and laminating - Moistening or drying systems.

Coating and laminating machine for the web converting.

WIFAG//POLYTYPE is a global supplier of high precision coating technology and equipment for the surface finishing of all kinds of flexible substrates.


  • Barrier coating
  • Barrier laminating
  • PSA, silicone coating
  • Pre- and post-coating of metallized substrates
  • EB- and UV-curable coating
  • Hotmelt coating and laminating
  • Battery and solar cell coating
  • Protective film coating


  • Lacquering of unsupported aluminium foil
  • Flexibles packaging materials
  • Technical, inkjet and photographic films and papers

Coating methods:

  • Single- and multi-roll, forward or reverse roll coating
  • Gravure roll
  • Curtain coating with single or multilayer die
  • Slot die coating with single or multilayer die
  • Coating on both sides
  • Strip and patch coating