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BST ProControl - Weight and coating thickness control

BETACONTROL and PROTAGON became BST ProControl! In-line weight, thickness, temperature, ashes and moisture measurement

Thickness measurement and weight measurement

BST ProControl provides a unique portfolio for the quality control of flat web material ensuring100 percent reliability.

BST ProControl came about as a result of the merger between Betacontrol GmbH and PROTAGON Process Technologies GmbH.

Betacontrol provides state-of-the-art solutions for optimizing production and measuring flat webmaterial, including thickness and weight. Protagon are experts in measuring and control techniques for paper and coating processes.

BST ProControl covers an outstanding range of products for material control within theproduction process, including plastic and metal foils, nonwoven substrates, technical cloths, foamed material, floor coverings and paper. BST ProControl is fully committed to enhancing the effectiveness of your production processes, for instance by

      • avoiding waste
      • saving resources and energy
      • increasing productivity and
      • minimizing maintenance work

BST ProControl services include:

      • Quality control of flat web material
      • Technical solutions for thickness measurement and control
      • Development and implementation of quality systems
      • Online measurement within the production process
      • Precise registration, contactless measurement and
      • continuous inspection and assessment of:
            • grammage/surface-related mass
            • (layer) thickness
            • density
            • moisture
            • speed
            • length
            • ash
            • coat weight
            • optical features

Depending on the requirement, different sensors can be used: Isotope sensor, X-ray sensor, laser sensor, camera-based sensor, laser beam shadowing sensor, infrared sensor, thermal sensor,…