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When the company was founded in Malmedy (East Belgium) in 1947, its activities were mainly based on paper chemicals, which was quite normal in a city whose economy was based on the paper industry!
However the oil crisis of 1973 caused the slow decline of the paper making sector, with the closing down of some 10 mills in Belgium as a direct consequence.
For AGEPA a change in business direction was required and, remaining close to its roots in the paper industry, its new activities followed a natural path first to paper converting and then to plastic film. It promoted the brand new air expanding shafts to replace the simple, rough shafts with two cones or other heavy and expensive mechanical expanding shafts. A couple of years later it added to its portfolio pneumatic brakes and web tension regulators, which allowed a significant performance upgrade of unwinders which were until then equipped with very simple (sometimes wooden) callipers and were adjusted according to the operator’s feeling.

AGEPA has expanded and diversified its product range on a regular basis but always with a focus on applications for continuous running webs, whatever the material: paper, plastic film, aluminium and copper foil, woven or non-woven fabric and their laminated composites.  

This evolution has enabled AGEPA to respond to the market demands resulting from the very quick and sophisticated development of the converting industry in Belgium and Luxembourg. Its multilingual team of experienced engineers has also expanded in order to continue to offer the best possible levels of customer service.  

Today, underpinned by its long experience in the converting sector, AGEPA is recognised for its thoroughness in solving customers’ problems. This is clearly evidenced by the impressive list of leading, high quality industry brands that we represent.  

Further proof needed? AGEPA is an established supplier to all the major companies in the converting sector, including Agfa, Amcor, Arjo-Wiggins, Avery Dennison, ExxonMobil, Mactac-Bemis, Nitto, Reynders Etiketten and many, many more …….


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